Order a physical copy of Garden Hills, the debut album by Parker Smith and the Bandwith – Released June 25, 2011.

Track Listing

1. Take Me Back
2. Double Time
3. Eloise
4. Snow In June
5. Missed Connection
6. Whirling Dervish
7. Elevators and Cranes
8. Seek the Shade
9. Tipitina

“‎Parker Smith & the Bandwith do woodsy, earnest singer-songwriter fare cautiously infused with soul, bluegrass, gospel and Southern rock elements.” 
– Stomp And Stammer 

“Parker Smith and the Bandwith are a great young band out of Atlanta. They’re a southern rock band in an essential way, though their songs run the gamut from sprawling, fast-paced jams to tight, quiet ballads. Smith’s lyrics, backed by tight guitar and mandolin playing, are poignant and full of yearning: for a cleaner life, a distant woman, fresh ground. It’s honest, heartfelt music that—without taking itself too seriously—contemplates the space between who we are and what we want to be. “ 
– Charles Bethea, Contributing Editor at Atlanta Magazine