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What people are saying about ‘Short Street’ (2024)

“ ‘Mothers’ [is] a work of heartland rock that turns every outdated mother-in-law joke and stereotype on its head… the song dazzles with its humble lyrics and Springsteen-esque vocals complemented by a straightforward rock and roll soundtrack. With plenty of tonal and lyrical nods to the likes of Tom Petty and John Mellancamp, this song offers further proof that Smith is an old-soul talent and someone to watch.” – Glide Magazine


“Music we’re very excited to bring to your speakers and earphones… so much to enjoy.” – The Bluegrass Situation


“It’s not easy to write a great love song, but Atlanta singer/songwriter and guitarist Parker Smith has nailed it in his latest single, ‘Anna Lee.’ …imbued with honesty whilst carrying an upbeat joyfullness. With a sweet blend of electric and acoustic guitars, and keys that dance and keep it gently playful… a shining example of how to convey devotion just right.” – The AU Review


“This song sounds just like some old fingerpicked folk blues, the kind Old and In the Way used to play. Very thoughtful and a bit of a little lullaby, and the vocal harmonies are high and sweet. Sometimes it’s best just to detach, unwind, and ‘let the sound surround.'” – Americana Highways


“The tropical rhythm and pedal steel exude a comfy homespun texture that you can visualize as Smith emotes his words with the casual cadence of John Prine, letting them float through the laconic vibe.” – Grateful Web


“The gorgeous ballad ‘Anna Lee’ … [Parker] sings with a solemn yet knowing half-smile, implying ultimately everything will work out.” – Grateful Web


” ‘Waves’ stands out as a song about letting go of material things and embracing the deeper meanings in life, with Don Henley-esque warmth and jangly guitar solos that evoke summer sunsets… Smith’s songwriting feels like a conversation with a close friend, inviting listeners to share in stories of growing up, love, and loss.” – It’s Psychedelic Baby


“Parker Smith pens a heartfelt tune dedicated to ‘Mothers’ with clever lyricism.” – Americana Music Association


“Whether it’s listening to the couple fight, being barked at by their dog, or delivering a wry turn of phrase like ‘growing cold together,’ Parker adeptly spins the yarn… his songs leave room for the listener’s imagination and space to participate in what he has written.” – The Other Side Reviews


“A musical masterpiece.” – Nagamag


“A great artist and composer… ‘Air Stream’ is simply infectious and engaging… you’ll certainly love it too.” –  Roadie Music


“Americana meets indie… ideal for road trip days… catchy, don’t hesitate to nestle it among your favorites… you’ll find yourself humming its melody.” – Zone Nights


“Has a nostalgic Gram Parsons kind of musical vibe to go along with the Country Chic lyrics that would do John Prine proud… Fun and gritty and the perfect tune to crack open a cold one and watch the sunset over the top of a Dollar Store alongside your baby. Rating: 4 out of 5” – LA On Lock


“Earnest tribute to – a hard-working woman who – loves without limits.” – Haiku Review


“Uses humor and happiness to create a necessary tribute to mothers… [an] expressive force with sweetness, softness and empathy.” – R+


“Powerful/sharp vocals, guitar riffs, prominent bass and a crescendo that holds us from start to finish, making us want to listen to it over and over again.” – Os Garotos de Liverpool


“Made with sensitivity, humor and an innate knack for creating art from life.” – Janglepophub


“This beautiful ballad is a filigree of acoustic and electric guitars, groovy keyboards and Smith ‘s warm and familiar voice. The lyrics describe daily struggles and confidence in the future, singing with a solemn half-smile but knowing that ultimately everything will work out.” – Expansión Radial


“Melancholic pedal steel… unusual humility and sense of humor… [‘Anna Lee’] encompasses full and mature love… they manage to transcend time; reminding us of the endearing Jackson Browne.” – Cosmonauta Radio


“Enchanted me with its beautiful melody, evoking very beautiful feelings that left an impression my heart and captivated my soul. Romanticism never dies and ‘Anna Lee’ is proof.” – Rockola Indie


“This lovely ditty [‘Mothers’] should be a perennial Mother’s Day favorite.” – Spotlight Music Review Blog

What people are saying about ‘Underground’ (2021)

“The album’s main theme is most concisely captured on “Arrowroot” – another name for the invasive plant kudzu – and today Glide is excited to premiere this standout track. The acoustically picked song finds Smith slyly recounting the disruptive nature of memory itself and, as Smith himself tells it, “trying to clear your head when all of that [memory] is weighing you down.” The addition of a delicately plucked mandolin gives the song a down home bluegrass sound that complements Smith’s soulful country-folk. Smith’s vocals are straightforward and soothing as he serves up vivid, literary-minded lyrics while backed by soft gospel harmonies and an easy-going instrumental arrangement.” -Glide Magazine

“With lots of country pedal steel swing, Parker Smith will draw you into his song about falling and picking yourself up again.” -Americana Highways

“Smith’s baritone vocals emerge from a symphony of strings that sing within the Americana folk modus operandi. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the folk musician possesses the skills of both a songwriter and a performer. He is here to share stories—through songs he feels they find their best home for expression.” -Unxigned

“We’re into Nils Lofgren / Southside Johnny territory with today’s song premiere – Parker Smith has a new album ‘Underground‘ out on April 9th and the grooving ‘Fray’ is taken from it.  There’s some smooth touches, but there’s also a nicely guttural guitar break or two.  It’s urban rock, scuffling around on the edges with “nothing to give, nothing to lose” and a loser’s honesty “sorry I’m late – but I don’t have a good excuse.”” -Americana UK