New Album “Underground” April 2021

I’ve been hard at work on a new record these past few months. What started as upgrading my home studio to record a song or two quickly developed into the making of an album. It seems everyone is making a pandemic record this year, and while it does seem a bit cliche I am happy to be creating and staying inspired. The making of this record was a bit different in that it was recorded entirely in isolation. All of the musicians recorded isolated in a home studio environment. This can make for some challenges, but scheduling was not one of them. Everyone was suddenly available, eager to work, and had the option to create their own schedule. The challenge lies in trying to make it feel like we are all in the same room, which I think we achieved. Half of these songs were written in the past year and the other half were written as far back as 2010. I hope you get as much joy out of listening to them as I did recording them. Below is the tracklisting. Stay tuned for an early 2021 release!