Long Live Jazz Vol. 1

It’s been a busy summer here in Austin, Texas. In the “live music capital of the world” it’s hard to walk down the street with out encountering some form of live music. I’ve been fortunate to meet some great musicians and have been playing a combination of solo shows, full band shows and a healthy dose of Jazz with my new project LONG HORN. You can read more about LONG HORN here.

This week I have released a live performance of LONG HORN entitled “Long Live Jazz Vol. 1”. One of the songs clocks in at over 10 minutes so the album is literally Long… Live… and Jazz. As a music teacher, student and Jazz advocate I am also proclaiming “Long Live Jazz” as a means to keep the art form alive. And finally, “Long” refers to the band name which in turn refers to the “Texas Longhorns”… a triple or quadruple (!) entendre if you will…but I digress. You can purchase the album on iTunes here or listen in on Spotify. Long Live Jazz!

P.S. Check out the video of our arrangement of the Game of Thrones theme