Bald and in the Way – A Bluegrass Tribute to Jerry Garcia

“Bald and in the Way” was formed with a deep love of bluegrass music, The Grateful Dead and a shared family history of male pattern baldness. Jerry Garcia had strong bluegrass roots long before he joined The Grateful Dead and continued to play with many acoustic outfits throughout his life.

“Bald and in the Way” draws material from Garcia’s several acoustic-leaning side projects (such as “Old and in the Way” where they derived their namesake) as well as timeless Grateful Dead classics. This is a show for casual and hardcore Deadheads, bluegrass aficionados and amateurs, music lovers and everyone in between. Expect tight-harmonies, fast-pickin’ and a whole lot of grinnin’!

Come out and see the official debut of “Bald and in the Way” at Eddie’s Attic on Sunday, August 4th!

“Bald and in the Way” is…

Scott Glazer – upright bass
Michael Chesin – guitar, mandolin
Roger Baldowski – banjo
Max Godfrey – fiddle, mandolin
Parker Smith – guitar

Read more about Jerry’s bluegrass roots here:

Sasha K.A. and Chris E. Peterson open up the show!